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  • WHO ARE WE: MrSyno Watches (Mister Sigh-no) are a designer brand of African textile inspired watches. MrSyno Watches is a UK based company, that aims at replicating African art, patterns and designs as seen on garments onto watches. 
  • WHY DO WE DO WHAT WE DO: We at Mr.Syno Watches are driven by the fascination of the beauty and aesthetics of these African textiles and the cultural significance they hold. We have been fortunate to identify this gap in the African textile accessories market and are dedicating this brand solely to watches. There are a lot more designs and concepts currently being worked on and we can't wait to share them with everyone when they are ready. Speaking of, here is an inspiring poem that expresses our perspective on culture...

What is Culture?
Culture is refinement and polish,
Is inherited rather than attained
Though can be
If one tries to perfect.

Culture is society, heritage and tradition,
The family you are from,
The heritage you have got,
Tradition carried forward.

Sometimes culture destroys in absence
Of nurturing,
But instead of the things can be envisaged
In the ruins and rubble.

Culture By Bijay Kant Dubey

  • HOW LONG HAVE WE BEEN IN BUSINESS: We are a start-up company and began sales in July 2016; same time we launched the online shop. We aim to create longstanding relationships with our customers by connecting with them directly. We are dedicated to new product development and ensuring orders are packed up and ready to ship in a very timely manner! We are growing and it's very exciting. Every watch design featured on the webshop is in stock! In the event items are sold out, please check back within 2-3 weeks and we will have more. 

Celebrating Culture in African Time

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Contact us via email on watches@mrsyno.com 

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